Missionaries Help Feed The Hungry…The Village Church Feeding Ministry

Houston – Missionaries from the Texas Houston South Mission engaged in Hurricane Harvey clean-up work take time to assist the Lutheran Village Church of Lacombe Louisiana.  This ministry had come to help in the recovery by feeding the hungry regardless of who they are.  Large “Free Food” signs facing Memorial Drive draw as many as 1,000 hungry souls a day. 


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Church Work Parties Pour Into Flooded Texas Neighborhoods

Houston – This weekend marks the beginning of the anticipated influx of Church volunteers to Houston, from areas not affected by flooding. Hurricane Harvey, possibly the most expensive natural disaster in US history, had a large impact on much of the … [Continue reading]

Harvey…Emulating The Savior…Serving

Extremely well done and touching video about Hurricane Harvey, floods and people...     … [Continue reading]

Sometimes Givers…Sometimes Receivers

The pervasiveness of Hurricane Harvey is such that everyone in the area has been affected or is closely connected with someone who has been affected emotionally and physically by its devastation.  In Richmond, Texas in southwest Houston, members … [Continue reading]

Compassion From Strangers…Recovering From Hurricane Harvey

A heart-rending scene repeated with only slight variations throughout Houston is recounted by Julie Stanger, one of the thousands of volunteers who are helping people begin their lives again after the floods of Tropical Storm Harvey: … [Continue reading]

Mormon Helping Hands…Sunday Service

The Lord is with those who turn to him in prayer, often on bended knee. Many who are serving Him in Texas after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey are also finding themselves on their knees, at work salvaging homes flooded by Tropical Storm … [Continue reading]

Hurricane Harvey…See What Even 1 or 2 Inches Of Flood Water Can Do To A Home

A Mormon Helping Hands crew from the Richmond 1 and 2 Wards works to muck out a home that experienced minor flooding.   Thousands of homes in the Metro Houston area had multiple feet of contaminated flood water in them. Crew members willingly … [Continue reading]

Renewed Hope For Life…LDS Members Nurture Refugee Family in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Less than one year ago, Fuja Emedi lived with his wife and five daughters in a refugee camp in Tanzania in very dismal conditions. Today they reside in a modest apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they feel safe and … [Continue reading]

Substantive Eagle Scout Project Helps The Homeless

Kade Johnson needed an Eagle Scout project.  His family of five wanted to do service.  Everyone sought that soul satisfying feeling you get when you are involved in something meaningful.  Direct HOPE of Houston, Texas provided the … [Continue reading]

Scouts Tackle Missing Flagpole Project At Katy Chapel

The flagpole dedication at the LDS church in Katy, Texas on July 7,  was the culmination of months of effort to fulfill a Boy Scout leadership goal. Over 100 volunteers and well-wishers took part in the event which was the vision of Lisa Davies, … [Continue reading]