Want a New Apostle With A Diverse Background? He’s Already There

By Lisa Renlund Hyde   –  I have been reading many criticisms about the three new LDS Church apostles for being the “typical upper-middle class white guys born in Utah” with no racial or socioeconomic diversity. While I cannot personally comment on the background of the other two new apostles, I can comment a bit […]

Waller Congregation Opens Its Doors to Community at “Meet the Mormons” Event

Anyone who has ever wondered who the Latter-day Saints are just got a chance to find out. The Waller congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly referred to as Mormons, opened its doors for an event on Saturday, February 22 called “Meet the Mormons Next Door.” The event was a non-proselytizing […]

You Get Up When? Cypress High School Students Meet Early for Religious Study

While many High School students are celebrating their hundredth day of school this week, some are also celebrating their hundredth day of early morning seminary.  An interview with Mormon Texas High School senior Kallie Clark this weekend revealed that she along with hundreds of thousands of Mormon teens around the world attend early morning religious […]