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What Are You Saying?

Several months ago I came across a book (written in the 80’s) by Shad Helmstetter, a Ph.D. in psychology, about positive self-talk. The premise of the book is that we all have a constant, running dialog of things that we say to ourselves. Many people aren’t aware it is there, and have no idea what […]

Mormon women sponsor book drive

In conjunction with the 183rd Semi-annual Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, members of the LDS Relief Society, one of the largest women’s organizations worldwide, recently participated in a literacy drive to benefit the underprivileged of the North Houston area.

Daily Bread

Recently a friend told me a beautiful story. About a month ago, she learned a valuable lesson as her family was struggling to make ends meet. At a time when her pantry was nearly bare and payday was still a few days away, she prayed for divine assistance to feed her family.

Local Mormon Missionary speaks out on real responsibilities

The Book of Mormon was first published in English in 1830. Today the Book of Mormon is available in nearly 100 languages. As the Book of Mormon musical tour recently ended, I received an email from a local Mormon missionary. Elder Adams, from Concord, California, was a young man I had met at Church who […]

Taming lions…with God’s help

There is an old cliché about how raising kids is like a circus and it does seem that there are quite a few similarities. I can easily recall several times when my house seemed to be filled with tigers, monkeys and bears leaving a trail of destruction in their wake as they raced around the […]

Who cares if it works!!

A while ago I went to a used appliance store in Beaumont to buy a fridge. I was hoping to update my kitchen from the white of the 90’s, to the stainless of today for a fraction of the cost of brand new appliances. As I browsed through the many options, I found a beautiful […]

Mormon “Siskel and Ebert” Help Families Keep Standards in Movies

No one loves going to the movies more than my family. Yet on a typical Friday or Saturday evening, after my husband suggests going to a movie, he usually spends the next hour (literally) reading reviews and showing the family movie trailers to see if it’s something we even want to see and if it’s […]

“Lest We Forget” Concert Reunites Two Community Faiths

By Lisa Hyde There was not a dry eye to be found at a recent interfaith concert in Cypress celebrating freedom and gratitude. After a two-year hiatus, the annual “Lest We Forget” Concert occurred on Sunday, September 8 in Cypress, Texas. Held in September to commemorate the events of September 11, 2001, the concert celebrated […]

Christ-like Charity: Is His Presence in Your Life?

Sitting in a recent Sunday School class, I felt my jaw drop as I listened to a woman’s story of charity. Years ago, the woman’s husband left her only five days after she had surgery due to cancer. She was left sick and alone with no one to care for her.

Mormons In Africa

While Africa is one of the fastest growing areas of converts for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, proselyting and maintaining over 900 congregations is just part of the impact the Church has in these countries. In the last ten years alone the LDS church has: