Summerwood Stake Youth Make Over 130 Blankets For CPS Kids

Lakeshore Youth.1000With about 17,000 children involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) in Harris County each year, emergency supply needs for the children can be substantial. BEAR, or Be A Resource for CPS Kids, is a non-profit organization that relieves this burden by supplying necessities such as diapers, clothes, shoes, formula and blankets for CPS in Harris County.

BEAR operates eight BEAR rooms throughout Harris County that provide emergency supplies for children year round. Often, the children have only the clothes they were wearing when a caseworker arrives, and consequently are in need of critical items.

Recently, members from several congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contributed to BEAR by making more than 130 blankets.

The Lakeshore Ward, one of the congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ, had its youth organize the project. Boys and girls age 12-17 worked together to cut, sew and finish the blankets. Hunter Fort, age 12, said of the project, “It lets me know that I’m actually doing something worth my time.”

Lakeshore Youth Blanket.515aConnor Hammond, 14, said, “It makes me feel good knowing I’m able to help someone else.”

Representatives from CPS met with Jennifer Davis from the Church of Jesus Christ to accept blanket donations for BEAR. When she delivered the 130 plus blankets, Ebony Kankum, volunteer coordinator for BEAR, said, “This is perfect. We were almost out of blankets.”

Davis, who organized the service project, said, “As a church, we want to let those children who may find themselves in this circumstance know that they are loved. While everyone cannot be a foster family, we can all reach out and serve one another with love.”

The blankets, along with other critical items in the BEAR rooms, are accessible to CPS caseworkers 24 hours a day and are provided at no cost to the family.

To donate items to the BEAR rooms, call (713) 940-3087.

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