Scouts Tackle Missing Flagpole Project At Katy Chapel

The flagpole dedication at the LDS church in Katy, Texas on July 7,  was the culmination of months of effort to fulfill a Boy Scout leadership goal. Over 100 volunteers and well-wishers took part in the event which was the vision of Lisa Davies, Den Leader for 9-year-old Bear Scouts of the Nottingham Country Ward pack 1047.

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In March, Davies, whose son is in scouting, was attending Wood Badge training.  This elite leadership program, the only scouting program to be recognized worldwide was offered through the Sam Houston Area Council.  

“We were asked to close our eyes and envision our unit doing something different than before, something to strengthen our community. I saw scouts standing around a flagpole at our church and saluting Old Glory and carrying out the flagpole ceremony.” Davies said. 

Everyone including Davies and local church leader assumed their building had a flagpole as is normally the case, but upon inspection they discovered that somehow a pole was never installed when the building was constructed. Remedying the situation turned out to be very worthwhile yet challenging for the young Scouts.

The project was intended to make a difference which would in turn leave a legacy.  The process included obtaining the right permissions, dealing with irrigation maps, securing bids, and raising about $2200 which included a generous scout discount. When the flagpole was up, the vision could be realized. 

Ronald Catchings, head of the VFW honor guard, who served in the Army for 28 years with 13 on active duty, participated in the event.  “I am glad to see citizenship still being taught,” he exclaimed.

“The flagpole dedication was very important. We shared with the scouts, community and civic leaders a little slice of patriotism, taking a small moment to reflect on and celebrate our American nation.  We brought over 100 very different people together and celebrated all of us being American,” Davies said.

Goree Allen Jr., Deputy Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Community Outreach Division agreed.  “I have been to several flagpole ceremonies.  We get calls to join community events and we love to spend time in this role,” Allen said.

Billy Harper, First Vice Commander, American Legion Post 164 and Army veteran said, “As a former Cub Scout and Boy Scout, I appreciated the way they conducted themselves and got everyone involved.”

Also taking part in the ceremony was Charles Abbott, a 9 the grade student at Taylor High School and Boy Scout.  “It was cool to be around the army and raise the flag in front of everyone.  I was happy the police, fire department and army were there.  It was very cool,” Abbott said.  When asked what he has learned in Boy Scouts he replied, “I know that America is our country and we should respect the flag always; everyone should do the best they can as a citizen and be active in their country.  I thought it was really great.”

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